Summary Edit

the paw patrol get in lots of trouble when an alien ghost comes to wreck havoc all over adventure bay so well and can they solve this outer space mystery?

Transcript Edit

(we have ryder on our title card)

Ryder:Alien pups come from outer space.

(we open up our episode with the Gang (minus Daphne) wrapping up a case)

Fred:Waytago Gang we caught the headless minatour.

(a reference to the be cool Scooby-Doo episode the people vs Fred Jones)

Shaggy:So like who really is the minatour?

(fred pulls off an headband like thing holding the head under the neckbrace)

Gang:The gold robber!

Gold robber:Yup that's right I thought if I'd scare Otis Goodway the uh mayor's grandfather I could have all the gold in this filed all to myself.

(the police take him away)

Shaggy:Like I'm starvin man.

Scooby-Doo:re roo.

Fred:Let's head for mr. Porters for a celebration.

(scene changes to rios badge and even the pups and harts team are there)

Ryder:Look the mystery machine.