Elsa is Blue's "alpha" and Stitch's caretaker. She lives either in the Lookout or with Blue and Stitch at Adventure Bay's Jurassic Park.
Realistic looks by elsapawpatrol-d91gg65

Elsa's Realistic Look


Elegant, loving, adventurous and tomboyish, Elsa loves to hang out with her best friends, which includes Blue the Velociraptor, Stitch and the rest of the PAW Patrol pups. She isn't that close to the H.E.A.R.T.S team, but likes to hang out with them otherwise. When she was younger, she knew how to fight back, and she usually did this to protect her friends and family. Due to her Velociraptor DNA mixing with hers, she's able to understand them and sound like one as well.


Elsa is very defensive of her pack, consisting of Blue and Stitch. When she visited Isla Nublar, someone injected Velociraptor blood inside her bloodstream, causing the raptors to trust her. After Echo, Delta and Charlie were killed, Elsa returned to Nublar to relocate Blue to Adventure Bay's Jurassic Park, along with the other surviving dinosaurs, including two baby Indominus Rexs. After Stitch came into their lives, everything began to change inside her, causing the raptor DNA to take over most of her personality. Her eyes do change color from blue to a golden yellow, but only when her raptor side shows.


Elsa is a black and white version of Chase with an ice blue collar with a dark blue tag with a picture of the Ice Palace on it with three blue claw marks going through it. In the second season of Mischief Trio, he badge changes to the Logoaurus from Jurassic Park, but her badge colors remain the same. She has ice blue eyes when she's not violent, but when she is, her fur is scruffier, her tail is a bit longer and her eyes are golden yellow.


  • Whenever she gets hurt, the raptor DNA slowly starts to take over her body
  • When Trax and Pelekai showed up, her violent side almost completely took over

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