Fear Beasts are the most deadliest beasts in the world! They appear only when someone on the PAW Patrol or a H.E.A.R.T.S. agent goes under stress or complete fear!

List of Fear BeastsEdit

PAW Patrol Fear BeastsEdit

  • Ryder: Sprout-Hulu
  • Marshall: Arcana
  • Rubble: Yad Widow
  • Chase: Zu-Doo
  • Rocky: Navod-Emon
  • Zuma: Saw Blade
  • Skye: Kiber Pero
  • Everest: Queen Crab
  • Cali: Scalez
  • Rio: Bull-EEK
  • Logan: Ana-Catda
  • Monty: Gear-Shockz
  • Suzan: Jezebel
  • Van: Inferno
  • Celyn: Scary-O-Nyet

H.E.A.R.T.S. Agents Fear BeastsEdit

  • Star Butterfly: Benzopila
  • Humdinger: Tie Breaker

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