This is my verison of Goosebumps the 2015 film


  • Van Shindo as Zach Cooper
  • Hannah Maximoff as Hannah Stine
  • Justin as Champ
  • Miss Shindo as Zach's Mother
  • Richard Watterson as R.L. Stine
  • REAL R.L. Stine as R.L. Stine


  • McKraken as Slappy the Dummy
  • Masker Mind as The Haunted Mask
  • Shirley the Middle as Madame Doom
  • Captian Blackmuzzle as Captian Long Ben One-Leg
  • Giant Rats as the Scarecrows
  • Nazi Zombies as the Graveyard Ghouls
  • Killer Dolphins as The Creeps
  • Idonimus Rex as the Giant Praying Mantis
  • Count Burns as Count Nightwing
  • Big Daddy as the Bog Monster
  • Hood Sickle as the Lord High Executioner
  • Coffagregus as Prince Khor-Ru
  • The Headless Horseman as Pumpkinhead
  • Jangles as Murder the Clown
  • Doctor Strangeglove as Professor Shock
  • Bad Juju as Witch Doctor
  • Goomba as Cronby
  • The Zin as the Body Squeezers
  • Patapon as Lawn Gnomes
  • Adventure Bay Snow Monster as the Abominable Snowman of Pasadina
  • Limit Pushed Nicole as Will Blake
  • Dark Zoe as the Snake Lady
  • Madame Pom as Clarissa the Witch
  • Chain Chomp as Fifi the Vampire Poodle
  • Gill Grunt as the Fish Man
  • Ghost Gumball as Seth
  • Ghost Darwin as Brent
  • Parasprites as The Bees
  • Audrey 2 as Dr. Brewer
  • Graveyard 8 as The Haunted Car
  • Dark Dreamcatcher as The Shrunken Head of Baladora
  • FNAF Animatronics as The Horrors
  • Muntant Inky as The Blob That Ate Everyone
  • Bender as Curly the Skeleton
  • Misstress Badwrong as The Mayor
  • Ganon as Sabre

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