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Cali finds an unknown jewel, unknown to her she is actually THE ORB OF SWAPOPATRA, and it swaps up the PAW Patrol's bodies! Now can the pups save the day and stop the Reaper Brigade while trapped in each others bodies?!

Transcript Edit

(Title card with Suzan and the Swap Orb on it)

Suzan: (With Skye's voice) Pup Pup Switch Up!

(The episode starts with Cali and Katie watching their favorite soap opera: Endless Chasing)

Katie: Looks like Nigel is crying again...

Cali: Well he should! I mean think about it, he lost his job, he got divorced.... Many things go wrong in a Soap Opera...

Katie: And he got arrested as well....

Cali: Yeah... even though his own twin brother had framed him....

Katie: Strange how he can do that due to him being a ghost....

(Meanwhile..... Outside of the vet, a jewel like object crashes near the sign)

Cali: What the heck was that?!

Katie: We better go and check!

(The two then rush outside and see a strange silver jewel)

Cali: Whoa.... a Jewel! This would be a good piece to my collection!

Katie: Um... Are you sure that's a good idea? What if it's cursed?

Cali: Oh please! It isn't the one ring to rule them all! I'm sure it's harmless!

(Cali then touches the jewel, and it manages to switch the spirits of Katie and Cali. With the two of them switching bodies)

Cali: (In Katie's body) Whoa... what happened... Why am I so tall?!

Katie: (In Cali's body) Yeah... I feel ya... But why do I feel so fat?!

Cali: Hey! I resent tha-

(The two then notices what is going on via the glass window of the vet)

Cali and Katie: Gah!!!!

Cali: Did we just- Switch bodies?!

Katie: That would explain why my breath is alluring...

Cali: Hey! I use Dentastix! So I have the breath that sweeps young kittens off their feet!

Katie: Well either way, we have to switch back somehow!