Summary:The pups well mostly Rubble and Ryder and Ace and Katie and Alex have to solve a mystery in this parody of Scooby doo as they solve the mystery of the infoness ghost of Baybeard can they do this groovy thing? Find out for yourself.

(we open up our episode with Ryder on the title)

Ryder:pups and the mystery of the ghost pirate.

(Now our episode)

(we see Captian turbot looking for the blue footed booby bird)

capnTurbot:What's that?

(The ghost ship)

cap'n Turbot:The ghost of Baybeard.

(we cut to the ghost laughing crazy we change the the soda shop)

Ryder:Hey listen to this cost gaurd baffled with third frater ratted within a week.

Ace:(continues)C.L. Magnus owner of shipping line claims it's the ghost of Baybeard Adventure seeking revenge.

Alex:(making a sandwich)Like im sure glad he's not seeking my sandwich.

(Rubble licks his lips)

Rubble:Yeah yeah yeah.

Ace:He's lucky he might choke.

(alex is about to eat it when rubble pulls the string)


alex:huh what happen?

Ace:there must be something we can do to help.

Katie:Yeah I thino we should go see him.

(they do so)

Ryder:this is it gang.

Katie:Penhouse cl Magnus.

(ryder presses buzzer)


ryder:excuse us but we'd like to talk with mr. Magnus for a moment.

Butler:I'm sorry he's not to be deserved.

(slams door shut)


Rubble:does this mean we go now?

Alex:well at least this slams a door closed on this ghost mystery.

Ace:I betif mr. Magnus knew we were here to help he'd see us.

ryder:Maybe we still can I got an idea.

(Scene changes to Skye's badge they are dressed up)