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Cali meets a mysterious new pup called CELYN, and decides to show him around! It is then when he meets Everest, and develops a HUGE crush on her and tries to make her notice him but he always ends up failing. Willing to do what ever it takes, he and Cali sign up for a sled dog competition. But has Celyn gotten in over his head? And will Suzan's rival, ICE BREAKER make things worst?! Things are gonna get cold and FREEZING!!

Characters Edit

  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • Rio
  • Katie
  • Cali
  • Celyn (Debut)
  • Everest
  • Jake
  • The Hinako Triplets.
  • Ice Breaker (Debut)

H.E.A.R.T.S. Members called to action Edit

  • Snow and Ball
  • Olive
  • Wolfgang

Transcript Edit

(Title card with Cali and Olive's Love Potion on it)

Cali: Pups Save Celyn!

(The starts in Katie's Salon, with Olive helping Katie and Cali with stocking the shelves)

Katie: Thanks again for helping us out Olive!

Olive: No problem!

Cali: I'll take care of this box!

Olive: Let me help!

Cali: Alright, one, two, three!

(The two to lift the box, but it is kind of hard)

Cali: Man this one is heavy!! (An object rolls from out of it) Uh-oh! I got it! (She heads outside to get the object, but not without bumping into an unknown pup) Oof! Ow...

????: Ow... watch we're your going!!

Cali: Sorry about that... You alright?

Celyn: Yeah; just a small bash in the head, no big deal... I'm Celyn, and you are?

Cali: I'm Cali, pleasure to meet you! You new here?

Celyn: Yeah... I haven't really known the town well since I came....

Cali: Well, how about I give you the tour?

Celyn: I don't really trust strangers... But since you're a forgiver, lead the way!

(Scene changer: Everest's badge)

(The pups are on Jake's Mountain, with the pups and kittens snow boarding. Cali and Celyn arrive at Jake's Mountain)

Cali: And this is Jake's Mountain, it's a popular snow boarding place the pups go to!

Celyn: Whoa... Beautiful...

Cali: Yeah; the animators really did a good job on the snow here....

Celyn: Not the mountain... (He points to Everest) Her....

(Everest walks out of her doghouse and stretches a bit. She then walks over towards Cali and Celyn in slow motion)

Celyn: (His eyes become hearts and his jaw drops) Who is she.....

Cali: Oh her... That's Everest... She's the PAW Patrol's Ice and Snow pup for when things get to cold to handle... The pups met her in the South Pole.

Celyn: T-The South Pole? H-How can someone so hot be from someplace so cold?? (Hearts float above his head)

Everest: Hey there Cali! (She notices Celyn) Who's this??

Cali: Oh; that's just Celyn, he's this new pup I met and I'm showing him around Adventure Bay..

Everest: Nice to meet you Celyn!

Celyn: Nice to meet you as well; Everest... Hehe... (Blushes a bit)

Everest: *Giggles cutely*

Celyn: Hehe... *Blushes a bit*

(Jake comes along and notices Celyn)

Jake: (To Celyn) Hey there little dude!

Celyn: Um... hi.... Who is this guy Cali?

Cali: This is Jake, Everest's owner!

Celyn: Owner huh?

Cali: Yep!

Jake: I can see you got a crush on my dog,

Celyn: W-What m-me?? Have a cr-cr-crush??

Cali: You have a bit of red on your face...

Celyn: Well I'm uh um (turns redder)

Cali: Yeesh... you seem to be running a fever... I think...

Celyn: No I'm not I just have a crush on... Um... Cali, you mind if we talk someplace private??

Cali: Sure...

(Cali brings Celyn to a pine tree)

Cali: So I guess you like Everest huh?

Celyn: Yeah....

Cali: How come??

Celyn: Well why not?! She's amazing! There is just something about her that makes me crazy! In a good way of course.

Cali: Well why not try and impress her?

Celyn: How?

Cali: Anyway you can! Just try and something you like! Or better yet, ask the love expert himself... Monty Hinako!

Celyn: Who's Monty?

Cali: I'll call him up. MONTY!!!!!

Monty: You don't have to shout, I'm right here!

Cali: Oh, right... oops! Anyway, this is Celyn, he needs love advice.

Monty: In this case, come with me.

(Scene changer: Monty's badge)

(Celyn is outside Monty's room)

Monty: Step inside my office!

Celyn: You mean your room?

Monty: Just go in!

Celyn: Okay... (He heads in)

Cali: I'll let Monty help you then.

(Cali closes the door)

Monty: So, what do you need?

Celyn: Love advice.

Monty: Okay, and why?

Celyn: I have a crush on Everest...

Monty: Well, a love potion would help! Or it that only used as a last resort..

Celyn: Okay, but last resort is a good idea for that.

Monty: Right! So, try flirting with her!

Celyn: How do I do that??

Monty: Act like a ladies man.

Celyn: Okay...

Monty: That works most of the time!

Celyn: I'll give it a try.

Monty: Good then!

(Scene changer: Celyn's badge)

(Celyn starts to walk to Everest)

Celyn: Hey there Everest!

Everest: Hey Celyn!

Celyn: Ya know, I never really knew how shiny your fur is!

Everest: Really?

Celyn: Yep... And um you also have a nice in your eyes...

Everest: Okay...

Celyn: Um... Uh.... (Thinking) Uh-oh, I'm getting too weird! (Notices an sign that has a Dog sledding contest on it) Hey look at that! A dog sledding contest!

Everest: Yeah so?

Celyn: Well... I'm gonna enter it!

Everest: Really?

Celyn: Yeah!

Everest: Cool! We can be on the same team! Even though there can only be 3 members on a team.

Celyn: Hm.... (Notices Cali) Cali! You mind being on our team??

Cali: Wha?

Celyn: (Whispers in her ear) Please do this for me!

Cali: Fine... but you owe me!

Celyn: Thank you! Now I'll go and get a sleigh.

Cali: Okay! This'll be right?

Celyn: Of course! (Goes to get a sleigh)

(Meanwhile, an anthropomorphic armadillo made of ice is watching them)

????: Hmhmhmhm...A new pup huh??? I guess he will have to go. It'll will get Suzan's attention, and she WILL BE NEXT!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(Scene Changer: Celyn's badge)

(Celyn returns with a sleigh)

Celyn: I got the sleigh!

Cali: Okay, now you'll be controlling it right??

Celyn: Of course!

Everest: Can I be next to you, Celyn?

Celyn: Oh um... Hehe... S-S-Sure Everest....

Everest: Whoo-hoo, yes! (She gets on the sleigh)

Celyn: Hehe.... *Lovestruck sigh* (Floats lovestruck on the sleigh)

Cali: Room for one more?? (Gets on it)

Celyn: Alright, now then, here we go!!

(But before they could ride down the hill, an ice spike is shot at Cali, sending her flying into a snow bank)

Cali: (While flying into a snow bank) Whoa!!

Celyn: Cali!!

Cali: Whoa, oof! (Plops into it) I'm okay!

(The armadillo appears right in front of Celyn and Everest)

Celyn: What th- Whoa the heck are you?!

Ice Breaker: I am Ice Breaker. I am Russian Ice-Adillo from Moscow.

Cali: (Muffled from the snow bank) Um, can somebody get me out of here??

Celyn: Oh, right! (Gets her out) There you go Cali!

Cali: Thanks Celyn!

Celyn: No problem!

Ice Breaker: You are loving young husky, now prepare for HEARTBREAK!!!!

(Ice Breaker shoots out an icicle at Everest)

Celyn: *Gasp* Everest!! NO!!!

(Celyn jumps in front of Everest, and then summons a shield to protect her and himself, Cali and Everest are shocked)

Everest & Cali: What the?!

Celyn: Oh... Um... well, I can explain, I was born with these powers, not sure why though....

Ice Breaker: Grah! You shall pay for this!!

(Ice Breaker punches him, but Celyn then does an arm flip)

Celyn: Of course, the fighting skills are from my family history.

Cali: Then use it on that oversized turtle!

Ice Breaker: I am an Armadillo!

Celyn: Armadillo this! (He does a hurricane kick on him)

Ice Breaker: Gaaaaaah!!! (The kick sends him flying into a tree; with pinecones falling on top of him)

Cali: Oh! That's gotta hurt!

Ice Breaker: You rotten little!! (Shoots more ice)

Celyn: How's this for rotten?! (Reflects it and shoots them back at him!

Everest: I'll help as well! (Pounces on Ice Breaker's back and starts punching him in shell)

Celyn: Whoa! You're a fighter too?!

Everest: I am an expert wrestler! I practiced with penguins back in the South Pole! (She does a suplex on the beast and puts him in a head lock)

Celyn: Then prepare for some team effort!! (karate kicks ice breaker)

Ice Breaker: GAH!! You win for now, but you all I don not forget!! I'll be back!! (He retreats)

Everest: Yeah you better run, chicken!! Haha!

Cali: Amazing you two!

Celyn: Thanks Cali!

(Meanwhile with Ice Breaker)

Ice Breaker: Gr... Maybe THIS will get her attention!!

(Ice Breaker then starts begins to freeze Adventure Bay, starting with the roads. Unfortunately for him, Jake was watching)

Jake: Uh oh, that doesn't look good, I better call for help (He calls Ryder)

(Ryder is playing video games on his pup pad, it then rings and Ryder answers it)

Ryder: Hello, Ryder here

Jake: Hey there Ryder. There's a bit of a problem....

Ryder: Hey Jake, what's up?

Jake: A giant frost tortoise is freezing up the bay!

Ryder: Giant Frost Tortoise??

Jake: Take a look! (He shows him the live footage)

Ryder: Huh, that looks more like an Armadillo to me...

Jake: Well what ever he is it's bad news! Think the PAW Patrol can stop him??

Ryder: Don't worry Jake, no job is too big, no pup is too small! (He presses the special compartment on his pup-pad) PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!

Pups and kittens: Ryder needs us!

(They all head to the lookout)

Marshall: Here I come! Whoawhoawhoa! (Trips and starts tumbling into the elevator with Celyn as well) Oof! I'm okay!

Celyn: Does this happen often?

Cali: Yeah, it does.

(The pups and kittens head up the elevator and switch into their gear, except for Celyn)

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Okay pups and kittens, we have an emergency! (Presses his pup pad) A giant ice armadillo is causing havoc in Adventure Bay, and is going to turn the town into an ice box if we don't stop him!

Pups and Kittens: *GASP*

Celyn: hey that is the same guy who attacked me Everest and Cali!

Ryder: You're right Ch- Wait who said that?

Celyn: I did, I'm Celyn!

Ryder: I never seen you here before, are you new here?

Celyn: Yep!

Ryder: Oh, well.... We do need a vet for any new rescues... How about becoming our Vet?

Celyn: I'd love to!

Ryder: Alright then, here's your badge! (Gives Celyn his badge) Welcome aboard!

Celyn: Anyway, we have a mission to focus on before Adventure Bay becomes an ice rink!

Ryder: Anyway, I have just the pup to help out!

(Ryder presses Everest's symbol)

Ryder: Everest, I need you to use your snow plow to help clear out any ice and snow on the road!

Everest: Ice and Snow I'm ready to go!

(Ryder presses Suzan's symbol)

Ryder: Suzan, I need your ninja skills to help take down the monster!

Suzan: Now you see me, now you won't!

Monty: Do you think we need some help? If so, may I?

Ryder: Sure Monty!

Monty: Alright then! (He heads to the main monitor of the Lookout, and presses Snow and Ball's buttons) Snow and Ball, the PAW Patrol need you!

Snow: Ball, it's Monty!

Ball: Really? Go ahead Monty!

Monty: We need you to use your ice and water powers to help deal with an Ice creature!

Snow and Ball: Snow and Ball on a roll!

Snow: Do you think we need help from Mr. Wolfgang??

Monty: Oh yeah, good idea! (Presses Wolfgang's symbol) Wolfgang!

Wolfgang: (Getting up from his nap) Wha- Gah! What do you want this time?!

Monty: Calm down, we just need you to use your Bone harp to help deal with an ice creature.

Wolfgang: Well then... Let there be rock! Aroo!!

Monty: Alright Ryder, we're all set!

Ryder: Well then, PAW Patrol is on a roll!

(Ryder heads down the fireman's pole and the pups head down the slide into their vehicles and drive off. While they drive off, Wolfgang and Snow & Ball head into the reality shifter and change into their elemental gear, and teleport to where the PAW Patrol are headed to)

Celyn: Step on it!

Suzan: We're already here!

Celyn: Oh, oops!

Suzan: Now where's your monster?

Celyn: Over there! (Points at Ice Breaker)

Suzan: *Gasp* (To Ice Breaker) You....

Ice Breaker: Ah... Suzan Hinako, we meet again... It's time for me to reclaim what is mine... My championship belt! (Gets in a pro wrestling stance)

Suzan: The belt belongs to me, and me alone! (Gets in a pro wrestling stance)

Ice Breaker: GRAH!!! (Charges at Suzan)

Suzan: Whoa! (Does a backflip and a downward drop kick) You're not getting your belt back bub!

Celyn: Suzan, how do you know this hunk of Ice?!

Suzan: I wrestled him during one of my fighting careers, in this case, the Pro Wrestling career, he was the former champ till I PWNed him!

Ice Breaker: And now, I shall own you!

(A portal appears above Ice Breaker)

Ice Breaker: Huh?

Wolfgang: Whoa, make way for Wolfgang! (Falls on top of Ice Breaker) I said make way for Wolfgang you bloated grass rag!

Ice Breaker: Shut up you Groundskeeper!! (He then uses his tail to throw Wolfgang into a tree)

Wolfgang: Whoa!!!!! (He then hits the tree and falls flat on his back) Medic....

Cali: I'm on it, come on Celyn! I'll teach you what it's like to be a vet pup!

Celyn: But, shouldn't we help Everest??

Cali: We'll do that later; now let's go!

(Scene Changer: Wolfgang's Badge)

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