While in Japan, Van finds out that his brother, Ryouta may be alive! So he sets out on an investigation alone! But without a single lead and D.E.M.I.S.E on his tail, can he find his brother!? Meanwhile, Logan is sharpening up his Karate skills, so he heads into a Dojo with Kirin to help practice, and in an instant, Kirin falls in love with the dojo's top student! Can Logan help out Kirin win his love?!


  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • The Hinako Triplets
  • Celyn
  • Rio
  • Cali
  • Kirin
  • Van
  • Hazel (First appearance)
  • Ryouta 


(Title card with Logan in his Karate GI and some Neon signs on it)

Logan: Pups Save Ryouta!

(The episode starts with the PAW Patrol at the hotel the PAW Patrol are staying in)

Van: This is awesome guys! I've always wanted to visit Japan!

Suzan: Well, it is the country I am from after all!

Van: I agree Suzan, it's amazing! (She pets her)

Suzan: Oh yeah, that's the spot, oh yeah....

Ryder: Anyway, I figure we would take a vacation and away from the madness that Adventure Bay has dealt with for the past few weeks!

Logan: Well still! I of course would like to sharpen my Karate skills with Kirin in a local Dojo!

Van: That's awesome!

Kirin: Hey Logan can I come. I wanna catch up on my training!

Logan: Of course!

Rubble: Well, while you guys do that, I'm going to be competing in a local Sumo Wrestling tournament! I am a tough pup ya know! (He does a sumo stomp, and mid split, he has trouble getting back up) Um, little help?

Van: Sure Rubble! (He helps him up)

Ryder: Anyway, let's go and check into our hotel room!

(The pups rush inside the hotel to check into their room)

Van: (Thinking) Aw drats! I never planned out what I was gonna do!

Hotel Manager: Konichiwa, how may I be of service?

Suzan: Celyn, you mind telling him how we would like to be of service?

Celyn: Gladly! *He clears his throat* (He speaks in Japanese, with English subtitles translating it) Sensei wa i, watashi no nakama wa, watashitachi ga yōkyū shita heya ni chekkuin shitai. (Translation: Yes sir, my associates wish to check into the room we have requested)

Hotel Manager: ah yes right away! (He gives them the keys)

Celyn: Domo arigato!

(Scene changer: Celyn's badge)

(The pups then use the keys in order to enter the room)

Van and Suzan: Wow!

Logan: This room is awesome!

Van: Suzan, I'm loving japan more and more!Suzan: Thanks Van!

Van: No problem, I just don't know what to do now... But it's a good thing I got a guide!

Rubble: Well, while you do that, I better head down stairs. The Tournament is gonna start!

Van: Good luck!

Rubble: Domo Arigato! (He heads down stairs with a duffel bag)

Suzan: So who is your guide Van?

Van: It's you!

Suzan: Wha???

Van: Now come on! (He takes her by the paw and walks outside)

Suzan: Um... okay, not really sure where we are going but....

(Scene changer: Suzan's badge)

(Rubble arrives near the Rec Center of the hotel, and is getting ready for the tournament)

Rubble: Man... There sure are a lot of tough pups here...

(A kid in a cloak peeks out in the entrance)

Rubble: Huh? Hey! Come back here! (He chases the cloaked kid)

(The cloaked kid drops a Buddyfight card but it is drawn in crayon and was made by a little kid and it has Van's name on it. The cloaked kid escapes)

Rubble: Aw man... He got away! (He looks at the card) Hm... what is this?? It looks like a Buddycard.... I better show this to Van! (He goes upstairs to find Van, but then realizes something) Oh right! The tournament! (He heads to the sign up booth)

(Scene changer: Rubble's badge)

(Logan and Kirin arrive at the Dojo)

Logan: Alright Kirin now let's continue our training shall we?

Kirin: Hai, Sensai Logan!

Logan: Okay! Now the first thing we should do is- (He bumps into a female brown cat wearing a karate GI and a Karate headband) Oof! Sorry about that!

????: Oh... I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I-I was just training!

Logan: Nah, that's okay! I don't mind it! Ain't that right Kirin? Kirin?

(Kirin had say nothing, the brown cat was SO beautiful! Her blue eyes, her karate gear! Kirin was lovestruck!)

Kirin: (Thinking) H-Her hazel fur...... Her beautiful eyes that shine! W-Wait am I?! I am! I'm in love!

Logan: Kirin!!

Kirin: (He snaps out of it) Oh um I'm good!

Hazel: I'm Hazel.. Nice to meet you guys... *She giggles cutely*

Logan: I am Logan Hinako! And this is my student, Kirin! Even though you already knew that.

Kirin: (He blushes a bit) H-Hi....

Hazel: Hi! So, are you two new here?

Logan: Actually, we are just on vacation! Me and Kirin are apart of the PAW Patrol!

Kirin: (His blush becomes darker) H-Hi....


  • It is revealed that Rubble is an expert Sumo Wrestler
  • Ryouta and Hazel make their first appearance 

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