This is the second half of the Season 3 premiere, enjoy!

Summary Edit

The annual Raven Races are coming up, and Snooky is planning on winning against her rival, Madame Mayan and her raven! But when Snooky's raven named Jimmy flies off, the PAW Patrol must find him! Can they do it, or will the DARK Patrol get him first!

Characters Edit

Transcript Edit

(Title with Snooky and Jimmy the Raven on it)

Snooky: Pups Save a Raven!

(The episode starts with Snooky trying to teach Jimmy )

Snooky: (On top of the Lookout) Okay , you better be watching, you'll need to this for the Raven Races!


  • This is Snooky's first appearance along with his pet raven; Jimmy

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