Summary Edit

A ghostly irish hag is haunting adventure bay and it is up to Scooby doo and the crew to figure this out

Trnscript Edit

(title card has Scooby and the bad bay banshee)

Scooby-Doo:Pups and the big bad bay banshee!

(we open. On logan messing around being a jerk as always)


Logan:Sorry shaggy.

(he laughs and shaggy feels embereced)

Fred:Logan that was just plane rude!

Logan:Well scarf boy don't get your tie od neckerchief in a knot!

(laughs at his joke)


(scene changes to Suzan's badge her and monty are helping an Irish Professer)

Professer Imreld:Well this is the last of it lad and las.

Monty:Yeah the museums ganna love this new exhibit.

ProfesserImreldIm:Thank Ya so much for your help.

Suzan:I say you're welcome sir.

(they hear wicked Witch laughter and a banshee comes out of the box)