Story Edit

Wanting to get stronger, Drum trains with an elite army from dragon world, the Blue Sky Knights. However he isn't able to join because he has no wings. Now will the pups help drum become a blue sky knight and soar or is drum destined to be grounded forever?


  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • Celyn
  • Kirin
  • The Hinako Triplets
  • Jack
  • Van
  • Drum
  • Crimson Arrow Dragon (aka crimson)
  • Vector
  • Ice blade joker (aka joker)
  • Knight of purgatory
  • Deimos sword dragon (aka Deimos) 

H.E.A.R.T.S agents called to actionEdit

  • Snooky Wookums
  • Wolfgang


(Title card with Drum and Crimson on it)

Drum: Pups and the Blue Sky Nights!

(The episode starts with Van and Snooky hanging out)

Snooky: So, what do you wanna do?

Van: Well, mind showing me some of your supernatural powers??

Snooky: Well then, watch and amaze! Necronomicon! (He pulls out his book)

Van: Wow....

Snooky: Summon... Mood Ring Monster!

(The Mood Ring Monster appears)

Van: Whoa... Amazing....

(An explosion is heard)

Van: Looks like we're on the clock!

Snooky: Got it! I'll summon out a monster! Come on out Jiang Shi! (She summons a Jiang Shi)

Van: Me too! Come on out Extreme Sword Dragon!

(Extreme Sword Dragon appears)

Extreme Sword: Hope you guys like heavy metal!

Drum: Don't leave me out man!

Van: Then let's go!


  • Purgatory knight and his buddy demios debut in this episode.
  • Drum gains new armor and abilities
  • This is the debut of the blue sky knights
  • Van's deck now becomes a dragon world blue sky knights deck
  • This is the first time a darkness dragon world monster is seen