Summary Edit

The pups find a mysterious book known as The Book of Death, and when it ends up in the hands of an unknown menace, it uses it to raise the dead! Now the pups must get everyone in Adventure Bay to safety, before the Living Dead get them first!

Characters Edit

  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • The Hinako Triplets
  • Celyn
  • Cali
  • Rio
  • The Shadow Stealer aka Emily Shinjitsu
  • Zombies

Transcript Edit

(Title card with Logan and tombstones on it)

Logan: Pups and the Semetary!

(The episode starts with Cali having a bad dream)

Cali: (Muttering in her sleep) N-No.... Pl-Please don't hurt her!!

Chase: Cali, wake up!

Cali: Gah!! (She bursts awake) What happened?

Chase: You had a bad dream, who do you not want to get hurt in there?

Cali: None of your business!

Chase: Really??