Summary:A monster called the bayou boo ya roam the swamp of adventure bay and its up to Scooby doo the paw patrol and all the gang to solve this bayou caper Title:Scooby-Doo:Pups and the bayou boo ya (Arthur's notes Freddie princ jr shara Michelle geller Linda cardalina rob Pualsen and Marty Graberstin gust star as the Scooby-Doo) (Our episode begins with the mystery machine driving threw a creepy swamp) Fred:Boy this is spooky isn't that right Velma? Velma:Jinkies yeah Fred. Daphne:Jeepers where's Scooby? Gang:Scooby-Doo where are you? Scooby-Doo:Rack rere. Shaggy:Like Zoinkis me to man.

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