Summary:Scooby doo and the paw patrol once agin solve a mystery and at a house with a curse of a Dino demon.

(title fetcrures Scooby on it with the monster in the background)

scooby-doo:scooby doo and the curse of the Dino demon.

(now our episode)

Ryder:Hey listen to this librarian ghost chought by mystery inc gang.

Skye:Yeah it also says a house is haunted by the Dino demon.

Chase:A mystery.

(scene changes to the mystery machine)

Fred:Well gang we're almost there.

Shaggy:Like let's hope there's no mysteries this time.


(The Dino demon runs by Fred slams on the brakes)

fred:what the heack was that?

shaggy like I don't know and I don't care.

Scooby-Doo:Reah font rare.

(they drive to the lookout scene changes to Katie's badge)

fred:here we are gang.

Logan:I want you sir to leave!

realestate man:All right I'll go! Little runt.

Monty:ryder will never sell to you pal!

suzan:this guys been trying yo buy up the lookout for weeks.

(scene changes to Cali's badge)

Ryder:yes that mans been trying.

Fred:We got another mystery.

(Scene changes to scooby's badge)

Fred:this is it Gang time to go in.

(they go in and the Dino Demon comes up)

Ryder:time to split up right fred?

Fred:yup and this could be a clue.

(picks up make-up)

Shaggy:like lets go see if there's any food in this place.