Episode 0: Pups and the Outlawed Upgrades!

Episode 1: Pups Out of this World!/Pups Save a Raven

Episode 2: Pups Save Marshall's Emotions!/Pups Save an Anniversary!

Episode 3: Pups Meet Celyn!/Pups and the Fanatic!

Episode 4: Pups of the Living Dead!/Pup House in the Woods!

Episode 5: Pups Discover Their Origins! (Half hour special)

Episode 6: Pups Save a Werewolf/Pups Save a Phoenix!

Episode 7: Pups Save a Gosling/Pups Save a Windmill!

Episode 8: Pups and the Semetary/Pups and the Sea Serpent!

Episode 9: Pups and the Purge!/Pup Pup Exorcism!

Episode 10: Pups Save Northcreek!/Pups Save a Time Capsule!

Episode 11: Pups Save a Meaning/Pups Save Pedro!

Episode 12: Pups Save a War!/Pups and the Panic Room!

Episode 13: Pups Save a Rumbler! (Half hour special)

Episode 14: Pups Save an Admirer/Pups Save a Crush!

Episode 15: Pups Save a Bird Copter!/Pups Stop a Fox!

Episode 16: Pup and Over!/Pups Save the Clowns!

Episode 17: Pup Pup Switch Up!/Pups Go Incognito!

Episode 18: Pups and the Payment!/Pups and the Frame Job!

Episode 19: Pups Save a Pop Princess(Half hour special)

Episode 20: Pups and the Cuckoo Clock of Doom!/Pups and the Shrink Ray!

Episode 21: Young Pup-enstien!/Pups and the K-9 Antivirus!

Episode 22: Pups V.S. The Asteroid/Pups and the Bad Review!

Episode 23: Pups Save a Father/Pups Stop an Outbreak!

Episode 24: Pups and the Day N' Nite Fight!/Pups Save the Beach

Episode 25: Pups and the Scarecrow!/Pups Get Supercharged!

Episode 26: Pups and the Mirror Madness! (Half hour Special)