collaboration season between clockwerksamurai12 and vanguardmaster47

Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Pups Get a Buddyfighter!

Episode 2: Pups Save a User/Pups Save a Mini Dragonbat!

Episode 3: Pups and the Sacred Society!/Pups and the Poem!

Episode 4: Pups and the Blue Sky Knights/Pups and the Elite!

Episode 5: Pups and the Katana Warrior/Pups and the Rival

Episode 6: Pups and the Purgatory Knight (one hour special)

Episode 7: Pups and the Tent of 1000 Fears/Pups save Trick-or-Treating

Episode 8: Pups Save Francois' Pets!/Pups Save a Wrestling Match!

Episode 9: Pup Pup Attraction/Pups Save a Sandcastle

Episode 10: Pups and the Night Search/Pups and the Thunder Pup Flyers

Episode 11: Pups and the Nightmare Fuel/Pups and the Blacksmith

Episode 12: Pups and the Big Bad Itch/Pups and the Stagefright!

Episode 13: Pups Save a Fear Beast! (one hour special AND continuation of Pups and the Stagefright!)

Episode 14: Pups Save a Gator/Pups and the Demon Dance

Episode 15: Pups and the Ex-Lover/Pups and the Love God

Episode 16: Pups Save the Crystal Gems!/Pups Save a Caveman

Episode 17: Pups and the Heat Wave/Pups of Glass

Episode 18: Pups Save a Temple/Pups Save Weird Al

Episode 19: Pups and the Envy/Pups Save Ryouta

Episode 20: Pups and the Prank War/Pups Save Genki Bowl 8!

Episode 21: Pups save the Dolls!/Pups and the Playdate; OF DOOM!!!

Episode 22: Pups Save a Sheriff!/Pups Stop a Gang!

Episode 23: Pups get Real/Pups and the Power Outage

Episode 24: Pups and the Star Racer (half hour special)

Episode 25: Pups and the Buddy Police/Pups and the Tournament!

Episode 26: Pups and the Truth (One Hour season finale)


  • This season is a crossover between paw patrol and Future Card Buddyfight
  • Some episodes are based off of rps between vanguardmaster47 and clockwerksamurai12
  • Van becomes a H.E.A.R.T.S agent and the owner of the Hinakos
  • The Forgotten Elements that Van masters in this season are the Dragon, Ancient, Magnet, Sand, Crystal Gem, Gold, Glass, Chi, Self Defense and Fear