Episode 1: Pups Save the Customizer!/Pups Save a Legend!

Episode 2: Pups Go LARPing!/Pups Save the Big Bang!

Episode 3: Pups and the Hotel/Pups Save a Zombie

Episode 4: Pups and the Fearful Vengeance/Pups and Monty's Backstory!

Episode 5: Pups save a Movie Star!/Pups Save a Mushroom!

Episode 6: Pups and the Past/Pups Future Fight!

Episode 7: Pup Pup Blooper Show!

Episode 8: Pups and The Decision/Five Pups at Freddy's!

Episode 9: Pups Save a Solider/Pups and the Sibling Rivalry!

Episode 10: Pups Go Viral!/Pups and the App-Diction!

Episode 11: Pups Save a Crowman/Pups Save Prof. Genki!

Episode 12: Pups Save Clockwise/Pups and the Big Bad Bay Banshee!

Episode 13: Pups Save the Mixels!

Episode 14: Pups Save a Secret!/Pup-town Girl!

Episode 15: Pups Save a Fashion Show/Pups Save Candle Cove!

Episode 16: Pups Talk to Spirits/Pups and the Swordmaster!

Episode 17: Pups Save a Juice Cart/Pups and the Potion Problem

Episode 18: Pups and the Bad Hair Date/Pups and the Ghost Mansion!

Episode 19: Pup Pup Prequel

Episode 20: Pups V.S. Pests!/New Pups on the Block!

Episode 21: Pups Save a Forest/Pup Pup Noir!

Episode 22: Pups Save a Spring/Pups and the Hecklers!

Episode 23: Pups and the Bonfire/Polter-Pup!

Episode 24: Pups Save a Graffiti/Pups Save an Ostrich

Episode 25: Pups and the New Leaf/Pups Meet Cali's Mom!

Episode 26: Pups and the Shadow Souls


  • Van masters the other 10 Forgotten Elements. With them being Legend, Beast, Physic, Fungi, Firework, Zodiac, Fairy, Wood, Size and Rubber
  • This season also debuts a new PAW Patrol Pup, Talon.