Episode 1: Pups and the Revolting Resident Riot!

Episode 2: Pups and the Party Clones/Pups Save a Slumber Party!

Episode 3: Pups and the Archers/Pups get a Tengu

Episode 4: Pups Save the Angry Birds!/Pups Save Kenny

Episode 5: Pups Save a Wand!/Pups and the Phantom!

Episode 6: Pup Pup Voodoo!

Episode 7: Pups Play Ball!/Pups Save Zoe's Brother!

Episode 8: Pups Answer Fan Mail!

Episode 9: Pup Pup Penpals!/Pups save a Litter!

Episode 10: Pups and the Nutcracker/Pups Save a Tennis Match

Episode 11: Pups and the Turf War/Pups Save a Splatfest!

Episode 12: Pups save Warioware/Pups & the Owner-Versserty

Episode 13: Pups and the Chaotic Comic Convention!

Episode 14: Pups and the Joyride!/Pups and the Stargate

Episode 15: Pup Pup Puppet Master!/Pups and the King of Pirates!

Episode 16: Pups and the Uni-Kitty Mystery!/Pups Save Cloud Cuckoo Land!

Episode 17: Pups V.S. Pixels! (Half Hour Special)

Episode 18: Pups Save a Sis!/Pups get a Crew!

Episode 19: Pups and Van's Secret/Pups and the Shadow Paladins

Episode 20: Pups and the Kit-Vengers!/Pups vs Cassandra the Cruelest Kitten!

Episode 21: Pups & Project Epsol-Rock! (Half Hour Special)

Episode 22: Pups Save an Oni!/Pups and the Summer Festival!

Episode 23: Catherine the Caretaker!/Pups get Physical!

Episode 24: Pups & The Thieving Magpie! (Half Hour special)

Episode 25: Pups Save a Mask!/Pups Save a Mimic!

Episode 26: Pups Save Monster High! (One hour season finale)[[Category:Non-Chronicle Seasons

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