Summary Edit

The clue crew a parody of Scooby doo comes to town and solve a mystery with the paw patrol

Transcript Edit

(title card has snooper Ted Sammy Dally Vivi and the karate Zombie on it)

Snooper-Dog:Snooper-Dog and the clue crew in the karate curse.

(We open up on the clue crusier speeding down a highway)

Ted:Ah this is great.

Vivi:Yeah not like the time we went to roam and we incounterd the harpy

(Flashback to them being chased by a harpy then back to the present)

Sammy:Like yeah or the time we went tothe musem and we encountered the mummy.

(Flashback to them being chased all over a museum by a mummy and to present)

Ted:Or the timemy old pal Jona Bell invited us to visit.

(cuts to the in a flashback being chased by a dinosaur at a ski lodge)

Dally:Yeah or the time we ran into the witch sisters.