The Master Scroll is a powerful object, more powerful then the scroll of Pup-Fu itself!


The Master Scroll is the prized item of Farmer Yumi aka Unakite. Until her fortress was attacked by the Crimson Rose Army, with the battle being so intense; it had split the scroll into 40 smaller scrolls and they were scattered across the world! And when the evil overlord known as Pincer Persia returns and spreads chaos throughout the mutliverse, it is up to the PAW Patrol to gain the remaining scrolls. Before D.E.M.I.S.E can get them first! When all fourthy scrolls are found, they reform into the master scroll!

List of ScrollsEdit

Original Element ScrollsEdit

  • Scroll of Air aka Airjitsu Scroll
  • Scroll of Water aka Aqua-Tai-Chi Scroll
  • Scroll of Earth aka Tectonic Tengu-Do Scroll
  • Scroll of Life aka Seedy Systema Scroll
  • Technology Scroll aka Bionic Ba Ji Quan
  • Scroll of the Dead aka Muerto Libre Scroll
  • Scroll of Fire aka Molten MMA Scroll
  • Scroll of Magic aka Magican's Muay Thai Scroll
  • Scroll of Light aka Fluorescent Fencing Scroll
  • Scroll of Darkness aka Dark Arts Scroll
  • Scroll of Paint aka Rainbow Aikido Scroll
  • Scroll of Plasma aka Plasmatic Pi Gua Quan Scroll
  • Scroll of Poison aka Fang Kwon Do Scroll
  • Scroll of Ice aka Frozen Snake Kung Fu Scroll
  • Scroll of Music aka Rhythmic Wrestling Scroll
  • Scroll of Time aka Scroll of the Ages
  • Scroll of Galaxy aka Cosmic Capoeira Scroll
  • Scroll of the Cryptids aka Fossilized Fisticuffs Scroll
  • Scroll of Tinseltown aka Film-Fu Scroll
  • Scroll of Mutants aka Mutanted Ninjutsu Scroll

Forgotten Element ScrollsEdit

  • Dragon Scroll aka Dragon-Ninjutsu Scroll
  • Legendary Scroll aka The Perfect Scroll
  • Magnetic Scroll aka Magnetic Martial Arts Scroll
  • Feared Scroll aka Fearless Fighter Scroll
  • Beastly Scroll aka Scroll of the Altered Beast
  • Ancient Scroll aka Immortality Scroll
  • Physic Scroll aka Mind Reading Scroll
  • Fairy Scroll aka Magic Arts Scroll
  • Self Defense Scroll aka Pup-Fu Scroll
  • Golden Scroll aka Golden Dragon Style Scroll
  • Glass Scroll aka Sonar Shatter Scroll
  • Size Scroll aka Scroll of the Giant
  • Fungi Scroll aka Shroom-Jitsu Scroll
  • Firework Scroll aka Explosive Mime Arts Scroll
  • Wooden Scroll aka Mokujin Mimicry Scroll
  • Sandy Scroll aka Sand Bending Scroll
  • Zodiac Scroll aka New Year's Scroll
  • Chi Scroll aka The Scroll of Chima
  • Rubber Scroll aka Gum Gum Scroll
  • Crystal Gem Scroll aka Scroll of the Gems

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