These are soldiers that appear in the real world whenever something bad in the animated worlds and make them obsolete throughout the multiverse! They are minions of VIce R. USeless aka The Digital Demon.


After Emily Shinjitsu took over Foggybottom and had changed history, these men in gray suits had appeared in the real world! With them managing to freeze the best of the NBA, burn all remains of medieval history, turned all beaches into graveyards for restless spirits, had banned all voting and contaminated the water supply! They are first known to appear in Pups Get Real, with Vi.R.Us trying to take control of New York, but had failed after being defeated by the PAW Patrol!


Freif CasesEdit

Purpose: To freeze anything that has been officialy been banned around the world.

Hek TiesEdit

Purpose: Brainwash anyone to become a Greyman

Turtle NyetsEdit

Purpose: Capture large amounts of people and imprisoning them in cages

List of things they changed in the real worldEdit

Both Our world and the Digital WorldsEdit

  • Basketball
  • Medieval History
  • Voting

The Real WorldEdit

  • Water
  • Beaches
  • Creativity