The Nightmare Squad is a team of creatures that was founded by Fredbear, with him unleashing Nightmarish Monsters onto the world in Pups and the Revolting Resident Riot, after he had took over the Lookout at the end of Season 3.


Fred-Bear (Leader. Evil Version of Freddy Fazbear):

Snappy (Hacker. Evil Version of Bonnie Stars):

Fri-Ki-Tiki (Weapons Master. Evil Verison of Chica Chompers):

Purple Ry (Speed Demon. Evil Verison of Foxy Blackfur):

Krag-Lossus (Distraction Master. Evil Verison of Balloon Boy):

Live Wire (Xenoarchaeology. Evil Verison of Mangle):

Mad Jack (Stealth. Evil Version of Peter Puppet aka The Marionette):

Gltich-Zerker (Mayhem. Evil Version of Springtrap):


  • They are the main antagonists of Nine Nights at Fred-Bear's
  • Each of them are evil versions of the FNAF Animatronics

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