Trax once lived in outer space aboard the Galactic Alliance with his father creating experiemts, most likely Experiment 626. He' one of the secondary protagonists in Mischief Trio.


Trax is a black and white border collie/husky mix with a white patch over his eye, white "socks" on his paws, tail tip ad underbelly with one blue eye and one green eye. He wears a black uniform with a red collar, sleeve cuffs and a silver belt with a V shaped buckle.


Trax is very strict at sometimes, but can be very creative at times, teaching Elsa, Pelekai and Blue of his father's experiments. He's very close to Stitch, almost like a brother, but won't step in the way of Stitch and Blue's relationship, though he vows to know how one of the most dangerous dinosaurs can befriend an alien full of mischief.


Trax seems very serious as 626's former security guard, but when 626 cornered him up against a wall, blasters at hand, Trax refused to catch him, only side-stepping out of the way to reveal a vent, where 626 escapes through. Faking his getaway, Trax is assigned with Pelekai to go to Earth to recapture 626, now renamed Stitch by Elsa and Blue. Once they reach Earth, they spy on Stitch and see why his destructive nature won't trigger around the two animals he was adopted by. When he tries to capture Stitch from behind inside the Velociraptor paddock, Blue drives him away. He finally sees how close Blue and Stitch are and decides to stay with them along with Pelekai on Earth, living in Adventure Bay's Jurassic Park.


  • He suspects that Pelekai has a crush on him