Van was once a kid from the real world who lost his parents  with a big imagination (even for a 15 year old). He always admired the PAW patrol especially Suzan hinakio even though he knew she was fake. But one day a miracle happened. He enter adventure bay through a portal made by suzan. van was then introduced to the pups and his new buddy monster drum bunker dragon. now with his friends with him he is ready to destroy D.E.M.I.S.E once and for all


Van is a kind kid and very sensitive. but dontt make him angry, he will snap at you. He love Suzan and looks up to her like A mother. He acts brotherly towards drum and treats him like family. Van is loving and caring towards the other pups and kittens to. In battle van is a powerhouse welding the dragon blade drumsword or the sunfist sunshine impact. He is also a master fencer and will use different swords in combat sometimes. Sometimes even his rapier core gadget


Van Shindo has black hair and sparkling blue eyes. He wears a red hoodie with a silver "V" on it, with a blue shirt under it. His core deck case is red and can change into a rapier core gadget. He also has different decks to support drum's ability to be part of other worlds. Therefor suz and her team helped van make special gear for him, a special belt that holds 8 core deck cases for the 8 worlds of buddyfight (excluding the ninth darkness dragon world because of said world being evil)


  • Van becomes the new owner of the hinakos
  • He is a huge anime freak
  • He has a brother named ryouta
  • His best friend is Jin
  • He Is partners with zoe
  • He is a poet
  • His girlfriend is Hannah
  • He is a master fencer
  • In the PAW Patrol universe, Van develops a disability RPS (restless pun syndrome) that makes him tell puns when stressed or annoyed 



van is out to play. Time to shuffle it up

Drumbunker DragonEdit

ready and roarin' . Drum on the run

Voice actorsEdit

Devon Bostick- American VA, actor of Rodrick Heffley from Diary of a wimpy kid

Marie Mizuno- Japanese VA